About Us

About Us

Kenny Widdes began his fabled career buying and selling cars of particular interest out of his parents’ garage at the young age of 14. By his 18th birthday he had acquired his first dealership. What began in that humble garage in 1960 lives on, in the same town, in the same family, with the same passion for the automotive hobby. Chicago Car Club is the manifestation of a life-long vision of the late Kenny Widdes; an environment dedicated to the preservation of classic and collectible vehicles. Today the flame burns stronger than ever, the torch carried by Kenny’s two sons, Jason and Michael, and their team of dedicated staff.

We at CCC have a deep appreciation for the bond between man and machine. We find great joy in uniting customers with the cars that they have long yearned for. More often than not, classic and collectible cars are passed down from prior generations, transferred to new owners that may not have the same passion or resources as the original owner. Lying dormant, forgotten and neglected in barns, garages, fields, and driveways, these cars get lost in time, out of reach of the true enthusiasts that would love and cherish them, given the opportunity. Our goal is to locate, value, and purchase these cars in an effort to find the right buyer and ensure that these cars are appreciated to the fullest extent. We will have you paid quickly and securely and have the car picked up within days. We are not simply trying to “buy and sell” your car, or “flip it”. We are not a broker. We are buyers and purveyors of classic and collectible vehicles. We are not offering to help you sell your car, we want to buy your car.

CCC’s easy and straightforward services will get your classic car into the hands of an adoring new owner, getting you paid and putting a big smile on a fellow enthusiast’s face. If you don’t own the car yourself, don’t worry. CCC will pay you for helping us locate a classic through our Refer A Car program. Don’t delay, tell us about your classic today!

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