Best Ways to Sell Classic Cars – Chicago Car Club

Best Ways to Sell Classic Cars – Chicago Car Club

January 16, 2016 / 0 Comments / 197 / Uncategorized
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Best Ways to Sell Classic Cars

Best Ways to Sell Classic Cars Online

Selling a classic car is something that not everyone gets to experience in their lifetime. Searching for a buyer for your beloved classic is often very emotional and, in some instances, can be a lot more difficult than finding a buyer for a new model.

Whether you don’t have time to maintain your classic anymore, you want to free up some space in your garage for a new purchase, or you want your car to go to a car enthusiast that’ll restore it, you’re probably hoping for a quick sale.

If it’s your first time selling a classic, then it’s understandable that you might be a little apprehensive about the right method to use to get the best price and ensure that your classic is going to be looked after. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to sell classic cars.

Here are six of the best ways to sell classic cars of all ages, models, and conditions.

Option One: Advertise the Classic Car

The first option is the age-old method of advertising. There are many publications and websites where you can advertise your classic car for sale and reach a very large target audience. This method is very simple to instigate, but it does have a few drawbacks.

Unless you get your classic professionally valued before advertising, you may not get the best price by advertising in the standard publications and websites. You could also find that you have to deal with a few time-wasters, but when it comes down to it, standard advertising will at least get your vehicle out there to hopefully be seen by an enthusiast.  

Option Two: Take the Classic to Auction

Auctioning is one of the best methods to sell classic cars very quickly. Classic car auctions are attended by a large number of enthusiasts, conveyors of classic cars, as well as those looking to buy classic autos from end user and sell for a profit.

With an auction, you can almost guarantee the exact time and date that your vehicle sells, although it’s very important to be careful with your reserve price; if it’s too high then the car may not sell but failure to set a reserve could see you walking away with very little profit.

Option Three: Check Out Online Car Clubs

Online car clubs are one of your best bets for tailoring the sale of your classic towards people who love owning and restoring classic vehicles. This method can be time-consuming, as by advertising to specific car clubs, you’re limiting your audience quite significantly.

However, if your classic is in good condition or can be restored to a good condition, then you may have some luck with a sale on a car club’s website.

Option Four: Sell Classic Cars on Consignment

Selling classic cars on consignment is like taking standard advertising and making it 10x more effective. For an initial consignment fee and a percentage of the sale price, a professional car buyer with the expertise to manage sales will take care of every step of the sale for you.

Cars on consignment are stored safely and well-looked after during the sale process, so you never have to be concerned about your classic. During consignment, there will be constant active advertising of your vehicle to the right websites at the right time.

While consignment does come with fees attached, the sale will be handled by the experts so there’s a high chance that you’re going to get a good price for your vehicle. If you’re after a sale in a timely manner to individuals that want to restore and enjoy your classic, consignment a great option.

Option Five: Sell to a Car Buyer

Selling directly to a car buyer is a brilliant way to sell your classic quickly and for a very good price – as long as you choose the right car buyer! Professional car buyers will help you to gather all the necessary information about your car, have your car valued, and if they’re interested in a purchase, make you an offer.

The benefit of choosing a professional classic car buying service is that you can get an offer in a very short space of time, receive payment quickly, have transportation handled for you, and know that your classic is going to be looked after properly.

Even if the car buyer doesn’t decide to buy your vehicle, you’ll get a wealth of knowledge about your car and its value throughout the process!

Option Six: Refer a Vintage Classic Car

Our final option is for anyone that has found a classic car and is looking to buy classic autos from end user and sell for a profit themselves, but that might not have the money to back the purchase or want to commit the time to restoring or advertising the car.

Referring a classic car to a car buyer is a brilliant way to rescue classic vehicles that have seen better days and provide you with a nice pay day via the finder’s fees that the best classic car buyers will offer. If you’ve seen a vehicle that’s in desperate need of restoration, then referring the car can be the best chance of rescuing it and getting a quick payment for your find. Refer a Classic Car to Chicago Car Club Here.

Not 100% Sure About Selling Your Car? Consider Classic Auto Storage

If you’ve not yet reached the point where you’re committed to selling your classic, then classic auto storage may be the best middle-man solution. Classic auto storage is a great option for classic cars that need professional storage in a climate-controlled environment that is perfectly tailored to keep them safe and prevent any damage.

You can store your vehicle for any length of time, freeing up that garage space while you decide whether you want to sell or hold onto your classic. Often, classic auto storage is also used for cars on consignment, so you know the conditions are going to be top notch.

If the time has come for you to sell your classic car, then with our list of the best ways to sell classic cars, you should never have any trouble finding a good price and an excited buyer for your car.



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