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Sell Classic Cars on Consignment

So it’s finally time to part ways with that classic/collectible vehicle of yours. A bittersweet feeling, no doubt. Here at Chicago Car Club, we pride ourselves on our ability to ensure that the sweet outweighs the bitter. With our top-notch facility, expert staff, and tremendous online reach, we’re able to obtain upmarket sale prices for the vehicles that we sell, regardless of year/make/model. Our team is knowledgeable and respectful, easy to communicate with, and above all, passionate about all things automotive. We love what we do, and that is reflected in the quality of our work, ability to build lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships, and in our eclectic selection of owned inventory.

Consign Your Classic Car with Chicago Car Club

As collectors with more than 45 years working in the industry, we understand that parting with a classic car can be one of the most difficult decisions that you’ll ever have to make. It’s therefore our aim to make the process as easy as possible from start to finish. When you entrust Chicago Car Club with your classic car, you always know that your vehicle is being looked after properly until we find another enthusiast who is interested in buying your classic car.

Selling Classic Cars on Consignment – How Does it Work?

Consigning with Chicago Car Club is as easy as could be; we’ll quarterback the process all the way through. First things first, the car must be here at our Chicago facility in order for us to sell it. For a flat, up-front consignment fee as well as a percentage upon sale, we will coordinate transport, professionally detail, photograph, and write up the vehicle, getting an air-tight listing posted on a number of highly-trafficked sites in a timely fashion. We’ll also put together a thorough video walkthrough of the car, a key part of what makes our sales process so effective. We cut no corners, and go so far as to record and decode engine numbers, option codes, and the like.

Chicago Car Club will take care of transportation or if you’re already storing your vehicle in our highly-secure climate-controlled storage space, we’ll waive the initial fee for consignment. Our dedicated storage facilities are designed to keep vehicles in excellent condition while we work to find a buyer who will cherish your classic car. Using our considerable experience in the industry, we strive to find a suitable buyer as soon as possible after you agree to consign your vehicle, so you’re never waiting for longer than what is strictly required.

Consign Your Classic Car Today!

If you’re ready to consign your classic car or you want to discuss the ins and outs of consignment with one of the classic car experts at Chicago Car Club, then we’re only ever a phone call or email away. The experience that you get at Chicago Car Club is a personal one, as it should be with such an emotional undertaking as selling your classic car. For any concerns, questions, or just a chat about your vehicle, call us today and we’ll help you to take the next step with selling your classic automobile on consignment with Chicago Car Club!

We’re car collectors ourselves, so we make a conscious effort to cater our listings to fellow high-level enthusiasts. Our standard consignment agreement is for a three month term, during which time we’ll actively market the vehicle, storing it in either our showroom or climate-controlled on-site storage facility. To learn more about consigning your vehicle with Chicago Car Club, just shoot us a call or email and we’d be happy to talk through the procedure and terms.

Sell Classic Vehicles on Consignment – Examples

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