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About the Alfa Romeo GTA

Alfa Romeo GTA

The GTA is a model of coupe cars, made between 1965 and 1975, by the Alfa Romeo automobile manufacturer of Italy. The body style is based upon their popular and long-running Giulia models, which were designed by Bertone.

This model was called GTA instead of GT, (Gran Torino,) the ‘A’ standing for “Alleggerita”, an Italian meaning lightweight. The GTA’s first production year was 1965, with the 1600 (1570 cc) designation. Later versions had a choice of a smaller motor and were designated at the as the 1300 Junior. The GTA automobiles were also manufactured in for the general public as the street version, called the Stradale, or in a form for racing, as the Corsa.

The lightness of the GTA could be attributed to its aluminum outer body panels, which replaced steel, magnesium alloy wheels, an aluminum rear upper control arm, lightweight interior trim and plastic window panels.

The car was quite fast and well-handling. The engine had a new double ignition cylinder head (called twin plug, later in the eighties the system was called twin spark) cylinder head with a Marelli distributor from a Ferrari Dino. The transmission gear ratios were race tuned and the gears were machined for light and fast shifts.

The GTA, Junior GTAm were all very successful on the track and in road races. They won many races. In the first season at Monza, they won the top 7 spots. Their driver, Andrea de Adamich won the race in 1966.

Top speed ranged from Giulia Sprint GTA 175 km/h (109 mph) to the GTAm version at 230 km/h (143 mph) which was very fast for its class of vehicle. These classic cars are in high demand by collectors and those who wish to modify them into modern racers.

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