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About the Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

The Spider Veloce was a 2 door convertible car produced by the Italian car maker, Alfa Romeo. Though Alfa had dozens of models, the Spider could be considered its most long-lived model, as variations were made and the car remained in production, in one form or another for more than 4 decades. The Spider Veloce was a roadster adapted from the popular Giulia body style. The Alfa Romeo Spider was based on Giulia parts, including the twin-cam inline-four, independent front and solid axle rear suspension, and unibody construction.

The design of the Spider’s roadster shape came as an evolution from the Alfa Romeo Superflow, a concept car. They used the chassis of the 6C 3000 CM Alfa Romeo race car. It was first showin at the 1956 Turin Motor Show. A later version, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta SS Spider Aerodinamica, premiered at the 1961 Turin Motor Show. It was nearly identical to the production car, except for inset headlights.

It had a 2-door roadster body type, with RWD (rear-wheel drive), and a manual 5-speed gearbox.
It was a petrol (gasoline) engine with displacement of 1570 cm3 / 95.6 cui. Its advertised power was 67.7 78 kW / 91 or 105 hp. It had an outside length of 3900 mm / 153.5 in and a wheelbase of 2250 mm / 88.6 in. Its base curb weight was 960 kg / 2116 lbs. Its top speed was 172 km/h (107 mph) as declared by the manufacturer. It could accelerate from 0- 60 mph 9.5 s and 0- 100 km/h 10.2 s. 1/4 mile drag time (402 m) 17.2 seconds. Its fuel consumption and mileage was 20.6 mpg (U.S.)

The resulting design was well loved by its owners. They were known for being were quiet and comfortable and providing a relaxing ride. The name was to be decided by a contest, with the winner receiving a new car. Over 100,000 people entered. The winner was Guidobaldo Trionfi, a man from Brescia, who proposed the name “Duetto” (duet). However, because of a copyright issue, the name could not be used, so the official car name, at its inception, became, the Alfa Romeo Spider 1600.

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