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About the Avanti Avanti II

The Avanti was a sports sedan produced in the 1960s by the Studebaker company. The Studebaker automaker had been making cars for decades, but lacked the economy of scale that other car makers like General Motors had. Their design and engine choices were no longer appealing to the public. They had invested much in the Lark and its sales had significantly dropped. A small team was brought together, in 1961, to design a radically new car. They built their scale model in just 40 days. It had a coke bottle shape with a wedge shaped front. They had no money for wind tunnel tests, but it was extremely aerodynamic. Its body was made from molded fiberglass and it had a wide back glass that would look at home in a high end Italian designed car. Even though it could have been considered to be a success, it was not enough to save the Studebaker company.

After Studebaker went out of business, the factory and tooling was bought by South Bend, Indiana Studebaker dealer Nate Altman and his partner Leo Newman. They were determined to save this revolutionary design and keep the Avanti Alive. They formed the Avanti Motor Corporation, and renamed the car the Avanti II. The cars were offered with a bespoke treatment, with a large number of choices for interior fabrics and trims. Every car was essentially a special order.

When they ran out of the engines that were being used by Studebaker they switched to a Chevy engine. In 1965, for example, it was powered by a 327 CID V8, which produced 300 hp (224 kW). It used a 4-speed manual or automatic transmission. It had an airplane style dash with gauges that included a speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, ammeter, temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, and vacuum pressure gauge. The center console had unique lever controls that resembled an airplane cockpit.

The Avanti II was not just all good looks. It was incredibly fast. A supercharged version could go 168 mph, which was quite fast for the 1960s. This fact alone makes it a car valued by collectors. It just happens to to look fabulous as well.

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