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About the Bianchi S5

The Bianchi S5 was a car produced in 1928 by the Autobianchi carmaker of Italy. Autobianchi was founded by the son of a grocer, Edoardo Bianchi. In 1885, he opened his own bicycle manufacturing shop that had a great deal of success. Later he started making motorcycles and in 1897 produced his first 4-wheel vehicle based on bicycle techniques, with a steel-tube frame and a single-cylinder, air-cooled de Dion engine powering the rear wheels.

By the time of the S5, the Bianchi company was doing quite well. The S5 was a good competitor to small Fiat cars of their day. The S5 was a 4 door coupe with seating for 4 adults. It had a front engine and rear wheel drive. The engine inline 4-cylinder engine's displacement was 1287 ccm or 78.2 cu-in. Bore was 64.0 mm, 2.52 in and stroke was Stroke 100.0 mm or 3.937 inches. Max power [kW / PS] 24.0 / 32.0 at 3300 rpm using a naturally aspirated carburetor. Maximum speed was 85 km/h or 53 mph, which made it quite fast for its day.

It was a pleasant car to drive and to ride in, especially on a sunny day. One variant came with a canvas top that could be retracted, to enjoy the open air. Others had elongated chassis for use as a taxi or mail carrier vehicle. A sporty short wheel-base coupe and spyder rounded out the class.

8 cylinder 3506 cc engine


Rear wheel drive

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