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About the Bianchi S8

The Autobianchi company was at one time the 3rd largest car company in Italy, producing over 200,000 cars per year at times. It had humble beginnings. It was founded by the son of a grocer, Edoardo Bianchi. He started a bicycle production workshop in Milan, in 1885, at the age of 20. Soon he began to make motorcycles and then cars, that used techniques from bike making. His first four-wheeled, in 1897, car used a steel-tubed frame and a 1-cylinder air-cooled de Dion engine, which drove his rear-wheel drive car. By 1900 he was up to 2 cylinders and the car was driven by a chain. Over the years he gained engineers and many customers, until the extremely popular S series was born.

The S8 was built in 1929. It used a straight 8 cylinder with a 2.9 liter capacity. The car had a double-overhead camshaft four-cylinder engine, producing over 90 horsepower. It was known both as an elegant and utilitarian car. Various configurations were used as taxis, police cars and delivery vehicles as well as chauffeured limousines for wealthy patrons.

One special version of the S8 was bodied by Graber and was displayed at the Geneva Auto Show. It is said to be the only true convertible S8. It recently won trophies at the Concours d'Elegance at Pebble Beach. It was a right-hand drive version built for a customer for use Switzerland and Sweden. It was recently for sale at $875,000. Other S8 models could fetch similar prices at auction.

8 cylinder 3506 cc engine


Rear wheel drive

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