1971-1975 BMW 3.0cs

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About the 1971-1975 BMW 3.0cs

1971-1975 BMW 3.0cs

The 3.0 cs was one of a pair of car models, internally known as the E9 generation, that was based on the popular BMW 2000 cs. The two door coupe’s body was enlarged to accommodate the larger and more powerful M30 engine, which was being used in the E3 sedan. Road & Track called the 3.0 “without a doubt, the most sophisticated inline-six in the world.”

Because of US emission rules of the era, the US only received carbureted versions of the 3.0 cs. They were all imported through one US BMW dealer, Max Hoffman. Europeans got the choice of carburetors or fuel injection, which raised the horsepower from 170 up to 206. These fuel injected cars carried the model name 3.0 csi, with the “i” standing for fuel injection. Many of these cars alive today in the US are the fuel injected variety, but they came here in the grey market or came much later. Owners of these cars need not worry about passing emissions tests today, as the car is old enough to be exempt from current standards.

The csi version was nearly identical to the cs version, the main difference being a slight elongation to accommodate the larger 3.0L Bosch D-Jetronic fuel injection engine.

The resale market for these cars is hot right now, with nice examples costing more than $100,000. If you find a bargain, this is the time to snatch it up. Whether the car become your fun daily driver or a restorable show car, you will be glad you did.

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