1991 BMW 318is

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About the 1991 BMW 318is

1991 BMW 318is

The 318is is a rare model 3 series car made by the German carmaker BMW. It was offered only in 1991. The E-30 era 318is had a unique design that seemed to be a throwback older models. The “i” in the name stood for “fuel injection” and the “s” stood for “sport.”

The 318is came in 2 door and 4 door flavors selling for a modest $19,995 and $21,500, respectively. It came nicely appointed with air conditioning, 5 speed manual transmission, 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS, power windows, central locking, AM/FM/tape deck with four speakers, and a driver’s-side airbag. Options included a sport sunroof, an alarm system, and metallic paint. It was a great sports-sedan for a bargain price. It had a nickname of the “poor man’s M3.”

It was powered by a high-revving 4 cylinder engine that produced 140 hp. It produced 129 lb·ft of torque at 4,250 rpm. Its 0-100 km/h (62 mph) was a respectable 9.9 seconds. Its top speed was 126 mph. It had a great fuel economy rating at 33 mpg. The 1/4-mile speed was 16.4 seconds at 82 mph. The 318is was a US only model. A similar mode, the 320is was sold in Italy and Portugal, but had more horsepower and a higher top speed.

With its low price for a luxury sport-sedan and great performance has given the car something of a cult following. This model will only increase in value and be sought after by collectors.

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