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About the BMW 507

BMW 507

The 507 model car was built for several years, in the late 1950s, by German car maker BMW. It was the roadster version of the 503 car. The 503 was considered a luxury touring car, which was in the 2 + 2 configuration, with space in the front for two adults and it had a small jump seat behind the front seats. It had a well appointed interior and elegant styling.

The previous models, the 501 and 502, were large and heavy cars. They were sometimes converted to limousines or hearses. They were painfully slow, due to their weight and under powered engine for their size. The 0-100km/h (62mph) was a slow 27 seconds. They were also expensive. Although beautiful, the combination did not meet the requirements of buyers. Sales were weak and design changes needed to be made.

Fritz Fiedler, a BMW engineer, was tasked with updating the previous models, but keeping as many parts from the original car as possible, to save money. He made two versions, the 503 2 + 2 sedan and the 507 roadster. Both used the 501-502 ladder chassis, but the 507 used a shortened version of the frame. Both models used the existing steering system as well. The 507 was a beautiful car with sleek curved lines that were often seen on Italian and British sports cars of the era.

Both the 503 and the 507 shared the BMW OHV V8 engine. It produced 150 metric horsepower (110 kW) DIN at 5,000 rpm. With the lighter weight of the 507, this was sufficient to achieve 0–100 km/h (0-62 mph) acceleration time of 11.1 seconds and a top speed of 122 mph.

Even with the beautiful design and engineering improvements, it did not sell well. It was very overpriced compared to competitors. The US price was $9000 and then it went to $10,500. Its beauty caused some celebrities to buy the car, but it was out of reach of the average consumer. All the model years combined only saw 252 cars sold. It was considered a financial disaster for BMW.

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