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About the BMW e9

BMW e9


The BMW E9 was first introduced in 1968 as the German automaker’s new two-door coupe and is universally admired as one the most handsome cars to ever come from BMW.  It was built by the company Karmann in Germany and also went by the name of the BMW New Six CS. It was originally developed from the New Class-based 2000 CS coupe, itself an extension of the 3200 CS coupe. The E9 model became quite popular in the racing community, performing well on many different racing circuits. This popularity helped give BMW the reputation of having sporty, driver’s vehicles.

 The pillarless design allows for an open, free-flowing cabin and beautiful, uninterrupted body lines.  Produced from 1968 to 1975 for BMW by renowned German coachbuilder Karmann, the E9 was intended to be a comfortable, elegant grand touring car, though in race trim it was an extremely capable package.  With much success in both the European Touring Car Championship and German Touring Car Championship, the e9, and in particular the e9 CSL racecar, solidified BMW’s status as a respected manufacturer of sporty, driver-oriented cars.   

 The E9 had a relatively short production run, but it did come with plenty of great features. For example, the initial 1968 model had both a manual and automatic. All models of the BMW E9 had a top speed of over 120 mph. The acceleration wasn’t the quickest, with most models coming in over eight seconds for zero to sixty, but those drawbacks didn’t seem to hinder any of the racing teams that used the E9 as a base for their vehicles. The E9 also did fairly well against its other competitors in terms of horsepower, top speed, acceleration and fuel economy. The models of the E9 had a base curb weight of 2932 lbs.

In the early 1970’s, BMW also introduced the 3.0 CSL which was specifically created for the European racing circuit.The BMW E9 was one of the first coupe models that gained popularity for BMW and set the foundation for even more success. Following the production run of the BMW E9 the German company would introduce their next model, the BMW 6 Series, better known as the E24. The E24 would go on to become one of the more popular models that BMW ever produced, both on the road and on the track. None of it would have been possible though without the BMW E9 and the groundwork that it laid down.


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