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About the BMW M1


The BMW M1 is truly one of a kind in the world of cars. From a unique beginning to worldwide acclaim, the M1 is one of BMW’s most recognizable achievements. The M1 is completely unrelated to the BMW 1 Series, and is, in fact, one of BMW’s rarer vehicles, so if you see one in a showroom or on the road, take the time to marvel over it.

The M1 was originally conceived to be a partnership between two legendary automakers, BMW and Lamborghini. The partnership between these two automakers unfortunately ran into some problems, and the conflicts caused BMW to go ahead on their own to create the M1, with the end result being sold to the public for a short amount of time in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

Like many of BMW’s other designs in the late 70’s and 80’s, the M1 was a two door coupe that featured rear-wheel drive and a five speed gearbox. Intended to be successful on the track, the M1 could reach a top speed of 163 mph, and had an acceleration time of 5.3 seconds when going from zero to sixty. The curb weight of 2866 lbs and a fuel capacity of 30.7 gallons made the M1 ready for the track whenever you wanted to go. There was little that this dream car couldn’t do on the track, or open road.

Due to the unique relationship between BMW and Lamborghini, as well as other unique aspects surrounding the creation of the BMW M1, the car is one of the more rare vehicles that the German automaker ever produced. Due to the M1’s performance and rarity, it was placed on many lists as one of the top cars of the 1970’s. The M1 more than earned the reputation that has been bestowed on it since it has been released.

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