1998-2002 BMW Z3M

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About the 1998-2002 BMW Z3M

1998-2002 BMW Z3M

The Z3M was produced by BMW between the years of 1998 and 2002. It was the performance model of the Z3 roadster. The body was produced and the car was assembled in the manufacturing plant in Greer, South Carolina, but the engine was produced in Germany. It was known by drivers to have great handling and plenty of acceleration speed.

The base model Z3 roadster was a convertible that was nicely styled, but didn’t have tremendous power. It put it in line with other automaker’s cars such as the Mazda Miata. For those that wanted the attractive styling, but with more power, the Z3M was the best choice.

The Z3M had many upgrades from the standard Z3. There were a few style difference and the car had a wider wheelbase. It also came with a 6-cylinder, but all 3 of the engines offered in the Z3M had greater horsepower. The European and North American models were outfitted differently, with the American version producing 240 hp and the European version producing 317 hp. On both the top speed was electronically governed to a limit of 155 mph. The frame and suspension were stiffer and gave better handling than the base model.

The interior and controls were nicely styled with Nappa leather upholstery and it came with some unique features for a roadster, such as cruise control, heated seats and a power roof.

The Z3 & Z3M cars were so popular that BMW had trouble keeping them in stock for buyers. The 2000-2002 models are more powerful and more rare, so they resell for higher prices. Yet, because of the quantity built and their place in the price depreciation curve, one can still find one for a bargain price. In the future, this fun-to-drive roadster model is sure steadily appreciate in value.

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