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About the Bristol 404

The Bristol 404, built from 1953-56, was a medium-sized luxury coupe sportscar by the British automaker, by the Bristol Car company, an offshoot of the Bristol Aeroplane Co. The airplane maker diversified its offerings after WW2, to make make cars. These cars were initially based on designs and engines acquired from BMW’s burned out plant in Berlin. The company recruited the BMW Chief Engineer, Fritz Fiedler, to come to Britain to help develop the new 400 series Bristol autos.

True to its aeronautical beginnings, the Bristol cars had sleek aerodynamic body styling, with a very low drag coefficient. They used a superleggera light-weight design, with an ashwood or tubular steel frame with lightweight aluminum or steel body panels.

The 404 model dropped the BMW-inspired double-arched grill in favor of a sleek nose that looked more like a plane. It used a considerably shorter wheelbase at 96 inches, compared to the 114 inch frame of a 403. It came in a sporty 2+2 coupe version and a 4 door sedan. It Squeezed a few more horsepower of the BMW straight 6 engine, giving it 105 hp.

Only 52 were sold from 1953-56. One of these was a convertible version that was built by Abbott. This became the inspiration for the next incarnation of the Bristol 400-series, the 405, which included both coupes and droptop cabriolets.

8 cylinder 3506 cc engine


Rear wheel drive

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