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About the Bristol 405

The Bristol 405 was a model of car made by the British automaker, the Bristol Car company, formerly the Bristol Aeroplane Co, between 1954-1958. The car was one of the 400 series cars developed after WW2, when the company scooped up designs, engines and the Chief Engineer of BMW, Fritz Fiedler. The plans and equipment were declared to be war reparations and were sent to England.

Starting with the 401 model, they created their own, aerodynamic bodies, inspired by aircraft designs. They used lightweight superleggera construction, with ashwood or steel tube frames, covered with a skin of aluminum or steel panels. The engines in these first few models were based on the BMW straight six engine that were highly improved mechanically. These engines paired with the aerodynamic design gave them quite a boost in horsepower.

The 405 came in two forms, a 4-door saloon and a Drophead Coupe, developed by ED Abbott Ltd of Farnham, had two larger doors and a soft top. The coupe version of the 405 was much more of an executive sedan than the sport coupe that was its predecessor, the 404.

Even though many considered the 405 to be quite stodgy, 265 were sold by 1958, along with 56 dropheads, also known as the 405D. So few of the 405D versions were built that they are the most desirable of the model to collectors and enthusiasts.

8 cylinder 3506 cc engine


Rear wheel drive

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