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About the Bristol 603

Bristol 603

The 603 was a model of car by British automaker Bristol, which was in production from 1976-2011. The 1976 model market the first major update in body styling since the 1950s. It was given a more sleek, elongated look with a wide tail and large rear glass. The passenger compartment was enlarged to the point where it had the most head and legroom of any model of Bristol in history.

The car was released in the middle of the 1970s oil crisis. Bristol offered the cars with a choice of two engines, the 603E has a 5,211 cc V8 gas engine and the 603S, which had a bigger 5.9-litre unit, from Chrysler. Fuel economy went from 14 mpg to 18 mpg because of optimizations and engineering choices.

The 603 retained the same transmission and suspension as the previous model, the 411. The trim package was nicer and it was equipped with such niceties as electronic seats and air conditioning.

The 603 remained in production until 2011, but the first generation cars are now starting to be regarded as classics and worthy of collecting. It could be considered a good entry-level car for collectors of British autos.

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