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About the Bugatti Type 35

Bugatti Type 35

If a true racing enthusiast were to make a list of the top 10 greatest racing cars of all time, the Bugatti Type 35 would surely be on that list. Bugatti race cars have won more races than any other team. A great number of these victories can be attributed to the Type 35. The Bugatti team raced the Type 35 from 1924 through to 1930. During that time Bugatti cars won 1045 races.

The T35 debuted in August 1924 at the Grand Prix de L’ACF in Lyon, initially using a 2.0-litre straight eight engine, with three valves per cylinder in a single overhead cam. The chassis was suspended on leaf springs at the front, with a live axle and quarter elliptics in the rear.

By the time of the Type 35C in 1929, the car’s engine was a Roots Supercharged Inline-8 set in the Front Longitudinal position. The valvetrain was SOHC / 3 Valves / Cyl. Fuel was fed by a single Vertical Solex Carburetor. Displacement was 1991 cc / 121.5 cu in. The bore was 60 mm / 2.36 in and the stroke was 88 mm / 3.46 in. Power output was 93.2 kw / 125.0 bhp at 5500 rpm.

It used rear wheel drive. The front tires were Dunlop 29×5.0 and there were Dunlop 29×5.0e in back. It used mechanical drum brakes front and back. It used a 4-Speed Manual transmission. Top speed was~193.1 kph / 120 mph.

In May of 2016, at a Bonhams auction in Monte Carlo, a 1925 Bugatti TYPE 35 Grand Prix 2-seat car sold for €1,058,000 (US$1,118,940) inc. premium. When any of these rare beauties comes up for auction, it is sure to sell for over a million USD.

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