Bugatti Type 40

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About the Bugatti Type 40

Bugatti Type 40

The Type 40 was introduced in 1926 and produced through 1930. It used used a variation of the the 3-valve 1.5 L engine first used in some Type 37s. It was an enclosed tourer or small roadster. About 830 were built in total, making it one of the most popular Bugatti cars of the era.

The Type 40A small roadster used the same engine block as the Type 40 and displaced 1.6 L (1627 cc/99 cu in). 40As were built in 1930 only.

The engine was in the front longitudinal position and was a naturally aspirated Inline-4, SOHC, 3 Valves per Cyl. Fuel was fed by either 1 Zenith or Solex Carburetor. Displacement was 1496 cc / 91.3 cu in. The bore was 69 mm / 2.72 in, and it had a stroke of 100 mm / 3.94 in. Power output was 52.2 kw / 70 bhp at 4500 rpm. Drum brakes were used both front and back. Top speed was 128.7 kph or 80 mph.

The 1929 Type 40 was a street car that offered the same quality and workmanship as the Grand Prix cars at a more affordable price.

In 2015, a famous Bugatti came up for auction at the first Keno Brothers “Rolling Sculpture” sale in New York City. The 1929 Bugatti Type 40 known as “The Bugatti that crossed the Sahara” sold for of $464,800, setting a new auction record for the model.

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