Bugatti Type 43

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About the Bugatti Type 43

Bugatti Type 43

The Bugatti Type 43 was introduced in 1927. It used the inline 8 engine used in the 35B car and the chassis of the Type 38. The combination made for a version better than any of its Bugatti predecessors. It was one of the few street cars available, in any brand, that could reach 100 mph.

The Type 43 used the supercharged 2.3 L (2262 cc/138 inĀ³) engine from the Type 35B. The engine produced about 120 hp (89 kW), accelerating the lightweight car to 60 mph (97 km/h) in less than 12 seconds, which was blazing fast for the day. At the time, most street cars could go about 42 mph and ones that could go 70 mph were considered fast.

In total, 160 of these “Grand Sport” cars were made from 1927 through 1931, with a Type 43A roadster appearing that year and lasting through 1932.

Chassis details combined curved side rails and a long wheelbase. It would provide two rows of seats. It looked like Bugatti’s Grand Prix cars with an oblong shaped body, pointed tail, louvred sides and aluminum cast wheels. The car had a mid-mount transmission. The rear axles were from the Type 38, but they were provided with larger aluminium wheels and brakes.

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