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About the Bugatti Type 50

Bugatti Type 50

The Type 50 was a sport coupe version of the Type 46. It used a shorter body and and had a smaller 5.0 L (4972 cc/303 cu in) version of the engine, which used twin camshafts that actuated two valves per cylinder. Power output was 225 hp (167 kW) with a top speed of 110 mph, which was quite spectacular for its era. Many cars had landaulet roofs and dramatic Bugatti-style two-tone paint. It cost nearly double the price of the previous model.

The engine block was cast-iron in an Inline-8 with a front longitudinal position. It was naturally aspirated with Twin Schebler Carburetors and it was supercharged. The Type 50 Touring was a sedan version of the Type 50. It used the same 138 in (3505 mm) wheelbase as its predecessor, the Type 46, but shared the 5.0 L engine of the Type 50. In total, 65 Type 50 and Type 50T Bugatti cars were produced between 1930 and 1934.

A racing version, the Type 50B, shared the 5.0 L 2-valve engine but was modified to output a massive 470 hp (350 kW). Two of these engines were installed in the Bugatti P100 airplane, with specially made magnesium parts.

One of the most distinct and dramatic bodies fitted to the Type 50 was the Coupe Profilee which used a raked windscreen and sweeping two tone paint job to great effect. Only two examples were made on the longer 50T chassis.

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