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About the Cadillac Biarritz

Cadillac Biarritz

Throughout its history, Cadillac has specialized in developing and distributing high-end, luxury vehicles as a subdivision of General Motors. These luxury and modern vehicles were always prevalent in the United States, Canada, and China and very popular amongst car lovers in these markets. Cadillac always pushed the boundaries in terms of what luxury and innovation meant to the automotive world, one evident example being the infamous Cadillac Biarritz model.

Cadillac first introduced the Biarritz nameplates alongside the Seville model in 1956. The Seville and the Biarritz were initially used to distinguish between the Cadillac Eldorado hardtop and convertible models. The Cadillac Biarritz was the name given to the infamous and widely sought after convertible Eldorado model. Throughout the 50’s and early 60’s, all of Cadillac’s Seville and Biarritz models had the Eldorado name written out behind the front wheel opening and came built with wide, full-length body sill highlights that curved around the rear fender.

The Seville nameplate was eventually dropped, though, when the hardtop model was taken out of production in 1961. The Biarritz was actually reclassified as a subseries of the De Ville series in the 60’s and stayed firmly on production until 1964. Starting in 1963, the Eldorado Biarritz, the Sixty Special, and the Series 75 all adopted the unique Fleetwood bodies and took on the Fleetwood crests and rocker panel moldings. This eventually led to the disappearance of the Biarritz. In 1965 the Eldorado was fully renamed as the Fleetwood Eldorado, and the Biarritz name was taken out of production. But, that wasn’t the end of the Biarritz altogether.

The Cadillac Biarritz name and model returned more than ten years later. The Biarritz was re-introduced as a premium level, luxury trim package for the Eldorado in 1977. At that time the Cadillac Eldorado did not have a premium, luxury package to offer buyers. So, the company decided to fix this problem by introducing the Biarritz luxury package in 1977.

The Biarritz tag was brought back and this new, unique, luxury Eldorado package was know simply known as the Biarritz. This new luxury package included a brushed stainless steel roof that covered the front passenger, and the back of the roof was covered with a heavy vinyl top. The Eldorado Biarritz model also came built with large opera lights, which gave the car an elegant look.

The Biarritz remained designated as the luxury package for the Eldorado for years to come, filled with unique and premium features. The Biarritz was used for the Eldorado model up until 1991, and was a longtime fan favorite amongst Cadillac lovers and car collectors all over the world.

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