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About the Cadillac Deville

The Cadillac de Ville was at first a luxury trim level for the Series 62 luxury coupe. Later it became a model line in its own right.

The DeVille name came from the French “couper”, a term for a coach building, and also meaning to shorten or reduce. They had built a short four-wheeled closed carriage with an inside seat for two and an outside seats for the driver. This style was used for the city, or de ville, in French. Cadillac applied this concept to the modern car and made an elegant car that was fit for heads of state. The driver was separated from the passenger compartment by a wall.

It was equipped with a luxury interior with unique features such as a phone like device for back seat passengers to speak with the driver. Some editions even had guages in the back for the passenger to watch, such as a speedometer and controls to tell the driver "stop", "left", "right", or "home".

A limousine version was called Coupé limousine. It was similar to the coupé chauffeur but had a much lengthier passenger compartment. It was capable of carrying up to seven passengers. These few examples are rare and sought after by collectors. They usually only come up for sale at high end auctions.

The fully branded Cadillac "Coupe de Ville" was introduced during the 1949 Motorama. It was built on a Cadillac Sixty Special chassis. It featured a faux-air-scoop, lots of chrome trim and a large one-piece windshield and rear glass. It had elongated fins and bullet taillights and a chrome grille that made it an instant classic. This version sold well and appealed to the masses. Sales quickly increased from around 2000 per year to over 10,000. Surviving cars from this era are highly coveted and valuable.

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