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About the Cadillac Sedan De Ville

The Sedan De Ville was produced by the American carmaker Cadillac. It sat in the lineup with its sister car the Coupe De Ville. The name “Coupe de Ville” came from French carriage making. It related to a carriage that had been shortened for ease of driving in the city. It usually held two to four passengers and had a separate front seat for the driver or chauffeur. Ford used this sort of layout in its Town Cars, which evolved into the Coupe De Ville.

In 1956 the Series 62 Coupe de Ville was joined by the Series 62 Sedan de Ville. This was the first Cadillac 4-door hardtop. It was more expensive and more luxuriously appointed than the stock 4-door Series 62.

The Sedan De Ville outsold the standard Series 62 sedan in its very first year, with 41,732 sold. This sales success got the Coupe de Ville and Sedan de Ville promoted to their own separate series.

Style made it an instant classic. It was among the first pillarless hardtop coupes ever produced. It had elongated rear fins, bullet taillights and a chrome grille. Its interior had every modern creature comfort available for its day.

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