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About the Chevrolet C10

This C10 was a full-sized pickup truck built by the American automaker Chevrolet from 1960 until 1998. Chevrolet simplified its naming scheme for trucks, designating them as either a “C” or “K,” being “C” for 2-wheel drive, or “Conventional,” and “K” for 4-wheel drive. The numbers in Chevy truck names came from the weight. 10, 20, and 30 stood for 1/2-, 3/4-, and 1-ton, respectively. So a C10 was a 2-wheel drive half ton truck. At times, the C10 would carry additional names, such as the 1960-61 C10’s, which were badged as Apaches.

The C10 had a world-wide popularity, due to its strength and reliability and practicality. First generation C10’s were assembled in Pontiac West Assembly, Pontiac, Michigan, USA; Dover, England; Seoul, South Korea; Shanghai, China; and Oshawa, Ontario. Later generations came from over a dozen US plants and from abroad.

C10’s were offered with various levels of trim packages, including base, custom and custom deluxe. First generation trucks, from 1960-1966 had very spartan interiors. Later cars recognized that these trucks were not just for work. They had become daily drivers and family vehicles. They were offered with more creature comforts that would be found on standard cars.

Over the generations a wide variety of engines were offered, ranging from straight 6’s, V6 and small and big block V-8’s. Transmissions came anywhere from a 3-5 speed automatic or manual. After 1998 the naming scheme changed and the C10 became the Chevy Silverado. Early trucks are favorites of both collectors and fans of restomods.

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