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About the Chevrolet C20

The C20 was a full-sized pickup truck produced by Chevrolet, between 1960 and 1998. Chevy had been making trucks for many years, when in 1960, they simplified the naming scheme for truck models. The truck model names started with either a C or a K. The “C” stood for “Conventional” and was the designation for two-wheel drive. “K” designated 4-wheel drive. The numbers 10, 20, and 30 stood for half-ton, three-quarters-ton and one-ton, respectively. Therefore a C20 was a two-wheel drive, ¾ ton truck. A popular option, it remained in production for decades, going through many body style and trim evolutions and having a great variety of engines.

Chevy C20’s were sold with various trim packages, including the Base, Custom and Custom Deluxe. One could also get towing packages installed at the factory or have it configured for various types of work trucks or specialty vehicles. They were also available with extended or crew cabs, for additional passenger carrying capacity.

The C20 had international appeal and was sold all over the world. It was assembled at more than a dozen US plants as well as assembly plants in Seoul, South Korea; Shanghai, China; Montreal, Quebec, Canada; São Caetano do Sul, Brazil; Córdoba, Argentina; Tehran, Iran; and Arica, Chile.

Even though C20s have been built in tremendous numbers, the early editions are quite collectable. The most valuable are first and second generation trucks that have been well kept. They are also a popular choice for creators of restomods.

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