Chevrolet Corvette

Are you wondering "where to sell my Chevrolet Corvette ?"

The Chicago Car Club is interested in classic cars of all makes and models, especially a Chevrolet Corvette. We make the process of selling your Chevrolet Corvette quick and painless. In just a matter of hours we will have your classic valued and, if you do so choose, turned into money in your pocket. All it takes is a phone call or electronic inquiry to get the ball rolling.

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About the Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette

The name Corvette was adopted by Chevrolet from a small warship. Throughout the production run of the first generation Corvette, 1953 through 1958, production numbers increased every year. Changes throughout first generation’s production run were not massively significant, as the cars were mass produced. There was some slight tweaking of the appearance in model year 1956, but the styling didn’t significantly change until the second generation Corvette came around for model year 1963. While they were considered sports cars, these first generation Corvettes weren’t all that quick. They were fairly heavy and were slightly slower than their competition, but what they lacked in performance they made up in beauty and charm.

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