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About the Chevrolet K10

The K10 was a full-sized pickup truck built by Chevrolet between 1960-1998. In 1960, Chevrolet redesigned the naming scheme for their line of trucks. They each were given simple letter and number designations. “C” trucks were 2-wheel drive, or “Conventional,” whereas “K” trucks were 4-wheel drive. Number designations corresponded to weight. A 10 was half ton, 20 was 3/4 ton, and 30 stood for a full ton vehicle. Therefore, a K10 was a 4-wheel drive half ton truck.

The K10 was one of the most popular trucks in automotive history. It was built at over a dozen US factories as well as plants in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America. They were built with both 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder engines, up to a 454 cu in (7.4 L) V8. They were available in a variety of trim packages from Base, Custom, Custom Deluxe, as well as some high end specialty trim packages such as the Super Custom, Sierra and Sierra Grande.

The K10 was available with extended and crew cabs, as well as a variety of specialty vehicles ranging from emergency vehicles, cranes and more. They could be bought from the factory with tow packages installed, making them perfect for pulling equipment, trailers, boats or recreational equipment. Later generation K10 trucks had most of the interior treatments and comfort of a family car.

A great number of K10 trucks were built, but they are still quite valued by collectors, especially early examples.

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