1955-1957 Chevrolet Nomad

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About the 1955-1957 Chevrolet Nomad

1955-1957 Chevrolet Nomad

The Nomad was a station wagon built by Chevrolet between the years of 1955 to 1972. Collectors and enthusiasts however most liked the early two-door models made between 1955 and 1957. The first Nomad was introduced as a concept car at the GM Motorama in 1954 in New York. Chevy head designer, Harley Earl, called it one of his “dream cars.” GM figured that it would sell well if it were associated with its extremely popular Bel Air. It took design cues from the Bel Air, and though it was not its official name, it is often referred to as the “Bel Air Nomad.”

The Nomad was powered by a 265 cu inch 4.3 liter V8 with double barrel carburetor. It produced 162 horsepower. A special option called the “Power Pack” upgraded the carburetor to 4 barrels. That version had 180 hp. Mid-year, the “Super Power Pack” had other upgrades which brought it up to 195 hp and had seating for six passengers.

In 1957, engine capacity grew to 283 cubic inches (4,638 cc) with increased horsepower. A new fuel injected version, nicknamed the “fuelie,” was also introduced in ’57, called the “Super Turbo Fire V8.” Even though the horsepower produced by this version was the same, it is appreciated by collectors simply because of its rarity.

The Nomad was a particularly utilitarian vehicle that was quite innovative for its time. It had a rear bench seat that folded down for more cargo space. It also had a tailgate that folded down and a rear window that folded up. It was great for carrying cargo or a whole family.

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