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About the Detomaso Mangusta

Detomaso Mangusta

The De Tomaso Mangusta was a 2-door sports car produced by Italian automobile manufacturer De Tomaso between 1967 and 1971. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, it was easily recognizable thanks to the gull wing doors over the engine and luggage compartment. It replaced the Vallelunga model.  401 Mangustas were built, about 150 of the European version, the remainder were the North American version. The initial cars claimed to have a more powerful Ford HiPo 289 cu. in. engine; later versions all had Ford 302 engines. 1970 model USA-destined cars were produced with 2 “pop-up” headlamps – an estimated 50 cars were produced in this configuration. Approximately 250 cars are in existence, according to available registries.

The European version was fitted with a mid-mounted 306 horsepower (228 kW) Ford 289 V8 engine, and used a 5-speed manual transmission (ZF transaxle); in North America a 221 horsepower (165 kW) Ford 302 V8 engine was used. Journalist Paul Frère claimed he achieved a top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph). Four-wheel disc brakes and independent suspension, rack & pinion steering, air conditioning, and power windows were fitted, ahead of other manufacturers of the time.

The Mangusta was relatively inexpensive for the time, but its 32/68 weight distribution and less than solid chassis led to some stability problems and poor handling. Some felt the car was also cramped and had extremely low ground clearance.

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