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About the Detomaso Vallelunga

Detomaso Vallelunga

The Vallelunga was a mid-engined, rear wheel drive sports car produced by De Tomaso from 1964 until 1968. It was based on a roadster designed by Carrozzeria Fissore that was first shown as a concept car at the Turin Motor Show in 1963.  De Tomaso had the car produced by Ghia.

The engine was a 1.5 L inline 4-cylinder Kent engine from Ford of Europe with 104 hp (78 kW) at 6200 rpm. The Vallelunga was fitted with a 4- or 5-speed manual transmission and has disc brakes on all 4 wheels. It used a Volkswagen Beetle transaxle fitted with Hewland gearsets. The chassis had a pressed steel backbone with a tubular subframe at the rear. The suspension was double wishbone and coil springs at all four corners with front and rear anti-roll bars and uprights sourced from Triumph. The small car weighed 726 kg (1,600 lb) with a fiberglass body and many aluminum parts.

The Vallelunga chassis was not torsionally sound for engines with higher torque. This problem was made worse by faulty welding in the Italian-made backbone. Drivetrain vibration was a problem. 50 production cars were built, along with three aluminum-bodied prototypes and five aluminum-bodied racing cars. The Vallelunga was replaced by the Mangusta, which used a Vallelunga chassis that was re-engineered to take a Ford 302 engine, beginning in 1967.

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