1976-1985 Ferrari 400

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About the 1976-1985 Ferrari 400

The Ferrari GT was built, starting in 1976, as a more powerful replacement for the 365GT. It was a large displacement front-engined 2+2 coupé. As with the previous model, the bodies were built, assembled and fully trimmed at the Pininfarina works in Turin, Italy, and then brought to the Maranello Ferrari factory where the mechanical components were installed. The engine was 4.8 liters and it had the 81mm bore of its predecessor, but the stroke was increased to 78mm and it had a capacity of 4823cc.

The chassis of the 400 GT was nearly identical to the earlier 365GT. You could tell the difference visually by a small spoiler on the nose that matched the body color, five bolts on the five spoke alloy wheels instead of a spinner, double round rear light assemblies, and the "Cavallino Rampante" was missing from the radiator grill. The most notable design changes were made to the interior, which looked much more elegant.

The 400 GT was powered by a front, longitudinal 60 degree V12 engine with twin overhead camshafts per bank and two valves per cylinder. The fuel feed used six powerful Weber 38 DCOE carburettors. Ignition used a single spark plug per cylinder with two coils. It produced 340 hp. Zero-to-sixty speed was a quick 7.1 seconds.

There was also fuel injected version as well, called the 400 GT i, as well as an automatic version which was sold to the US market. Both of these variations produced 310-315 hp. Several hundred of these special models were produced, but they are not as rare and valuable as the standard 400GT.

Production lasted until November of 1979. During this time only 147 400 GT cars were built, making it a rare car. Well-kept examples can fetch top dollar at auction today.

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