1985-1989 Ferrari 412

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About the 1985-1989 Ferrari 412

1985-1989 Ferrari 412

In 1985, The Ferrari automobile company of Italy introduced the 412 model. It was a replacement for their 400 GT. The engine was slightly bored to increase the capacity per cylinder to 412 cubic centimetres of displacement, which gave it its new model name.

It had a powerful front V12 engine, bored out to 4,942 cc which gave it an 8% power production increase to 340 bhp and a 9.5% increase in torque. It had an improved 0-100 km/h or 0-62 mph time of 6.7 seconds. It had a standing quarter mile of 14.6 seconds.

Visually, the car looked more like a luxury sedan than its predecessors. It had design changes including a deeper front spoiler and a less pronounced slope to the tail and had a raised tail level, which increased the capacity of the trunk. The back valance incorporated exhaust pipes and fog lights. The 5 spoke flat wheels now used TRX tires.

As with other Ferrari cars of the day, the car was built at the Pininfarina factory in Turin, Italy, and then shipped to the Ferrari factory where it received its mechanicals. A total of 576 cars of the 412 model were built, in the chassis number range 56275 to 82153. This was the last model of this body style, ending a 16 year run. The style had been so successful that it was the longest time that any one body had been used by Ferrari.

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