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About the Fiat Abarth 750

Fiat Abarth 750

The Fiat-Abarth 750 was part of a series of sports cars created by the Italian car maker Abarth & C. of Turin, Italy, in cooperation with Fiat and other coachbuilders, such as Zagato and Allemano.

Fiat delivered their cars to Abarth disassembled, to make it easier for them to perform their performance modifications to the standard Fiat components. Some of the changes they made included boring out the engine and adding length to the stroke. They added sharper cams, bigger carburetors, lighter flywheels and other performance modifications. The result, for most models was nearly double the power.

Perhaps the best looking derivation that Abarth participated in was the 750 Zagato, which used the all-aluminum double-bubble body design. The car started out as a Fiat 600, but after all the custom coachwork and modifications were done, nearly the only thing left of the Fiat was the floorpan.

The 750 GT Bialbero model appeared at the 1958 Turin Show. It was used to homologate the engine for the Gran Turismo competition category. It was the most successful car of the Abarth cars that raced in the US. It was used by the Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr Racing team.

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