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About the Ford Zephyr

The Zephyr, produced by Ford UK, had a long run from 1951-1972, that was divided into four distinct series.

Ford (U.K.) Zephyr Mk I (EOTA) 1951-1956

The first edition of the Zephyr was a lengthened version of the popular Consul car. Instead of a 4-cylinder, it was outfitted with a 2,262 cc (138 cu in) six-cylinder engine producing 68 bhp (51 kW.) It was also known as the Zephyr Six. In 1951, the Zephyr sedan had a top speed of 79.8 mph (128.4 km/h) and could go from 0–60 mph (97 km/h) in 20.2 seconds.

It came as a mid-size to large family car, a 4-door sedan, a 5-door station wagon, and as a 2-door convertible. Submodels were the Zephyr Mk I Convertible (1952-1956) and Zephyr Mk I Saloon (1951-1956).

Ford (U.K.) Zephyr Mk II (206E) 1956-1962

The Mark 2 was offered as a mid-large family car, 4-door sedan, station wagon, and as a convertible. Submodels were the Zephyr Mk II Convertible (1956-1962), Zephyr Mk II Estate (1956-1962), and the Zephyr Mk II Saloon (1956-1962).

In 1956, the British magazine “Motor” reviewed the car. They found it had a top speed of 87.9 mph (141.5 km/h) and could accelerate from 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 17.1 seconds. This was an improvement over previous models.

Ford (U.K.) Zephyr Mk III 1962-1966

The Mark 3 was offered as a mid-size/large family car, as a 4-door sedan and station wagon.

Submodels were the Zephyr Mk III 4 Estate Abbott (1962-1966), Zephyr Mk III 4 Saloon (1962-1966), Zephyr Mk III 6 Estate Abbott (1962-1966), and Zephyr Mk III 6 Saloon (1962-1966).

Ford (U.K.) Zephyr Mk IV 1966-1972

The Mark 4 was offered as a mid to large family car, as a 4-door sedan, and station wagon. Dramatic styling changes were instituted for the Mark 4. Ford UK decided to this new version the Zephyr 4, referring to the fact that it use used the four-cylinder 1,703 cc (104 cu in) engine from Consul 375.

Submodels were the Zephyr Mk IV 4 Estate (1966-1972), Zephyr Mk IV 4 Saloon (1966-1972), Zephyr Mk IV 6 Estate (1966-1972) and the Zephyr Mk IV 6 Saloon (1966-1972).

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