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About the Jaguar MK VII

Jaguar MK VII

The Jaguar MK VII was designed as a four-door luxury saloon and was produced by Jaguar Cars of Coventry. This model was launched at the British International Motor Show in 1950 to succeed the Jaguar Mark V. It was given this name because in the market, there already existed a Bentley Mark VI and the names would have been confusing.

There was an attempt to make a Mark VI that had been designed as the Mark V but with the XK engine. However, this production halted before it even started and only two models were made.
The chassis of this model originated from the Jaguar Mark V, using the same wheelbase. The body was also more streamlined and the headlights and mudguards were integrated. It was also characterized by a two-piece windscreen and a longer rear overhang.

Unlike the Mark V that was powered by the pushrod engine, Mark VII was powered by the new XK engine that had a capacity of 3442 cc providing 160 bhp claiming a top speed of over 100 mph. It could accelerate from 0-60 mph in 13.7 seconds and had a fuel consumption of 17.6 miles per gallon.

The Mark VII became the first Jaguar model to be offered with an automatic transmission in 1952. This model was very successful in the United States as it was developed in the period of “export or die” for the British Industry. From 1950-54, 20,918 units were sold.

The introduction of the Mark VII M brought some major changes in this model. It came with bigger bumpers and the engine was improved from 160 hp to 190 which improved its performance.

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