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About the Jaguar XK150

Jaguar XK150

Following the XK120 and XK140, the Jaguar XK150 was the final iteration of this body style. Though the XK150 bears a strong resemblance to its predecessors, there were a number of considerable changes that set the XK150 apart. As for the exterior, the split windscreen was replaced by a one-piece windscreen and the hood was widened and lengthened. Inside, the walnut dashboard of the XK140 was replaced by a leather-trimmed dash. Underneath, the XK150 was very similar to its predecessor. The chassis and suspension were largely the same as in the XK140, though the engine was reworked slightly, now with a revised cylinder head. The 3.4L dual overhead cam 180hp straight-six was standard, but most XK150s were fitted with the SE engine, which used a different cylinder head, which boosted power to 210hp. For 1960, the 3.4L engine was bored to 3.8L, and power was bumped to 220hp standard. The 265hp “S” model was also available, which was impressively quick. The “S” could hit 135mph and cover the 0-60mph sprint in only about 7 seconds.

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