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About the Jaguar XKE Series 1

Jaguar XKE Series 1

The earliest iteration of the Jaguar XKE, or E-Type, was the Series One. The first Series Ones, which were produced in 1961 for export only, were powered by the same 3.8L straight-six as the XK150S. In 1964, the 3.8L engine was bored out to 4.2L. The 4.2L motor produced the same amount of power as the 3.8L motor, but gave the car a slight boost in torque, which bettered the throttle response. The Series One cars could cover the 0-60mph sprint in about seven seconds, and could continue on to a 150mph top speed. In May 1965, Autocar Magazine said the 4.2L E-Type was the fastest car they had ever tested. Motor Magazine said the same, after 3,000 miles of testing.

All E-Types were equipped with independent coil spring rear suspension and power-assisted four wheel disc brakes. Series One cars can be identified by their glass-covered headlights, small “mouth” opening at the front, signals and tail-lights mounted above the bumpers, and exhaust tips under the rear plate mount.

The Series One cars are the most valuable of the three generations of XKE. Of those Series One cars, the twelve XKE Lightweights Jaguar produced for racing are the most desirable, now selling for multiple millions of dollars.

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