Jaguar XKE Series 3

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About the Jaguar XKE Series 3

Jaguar XKE Series 3

The Series Three XKE saw the most significant of changes of the XKE bloodline, a brand-new 5.3L V12 engine with four Zenith carburetors originally developed for LeMans. This new powerplant produced 272hp, and helped the XKE to accelerate to 60mph in less than seven seconds, a figure that bested much of the XKE’s direct competitors.

The Series Three XKE was available with power steering standard, as well as an optional automatic transmission, wire wheels, and air conditioning. Series Three cars are identifiable by the large, cross-slatted grille, four exhaust tips, flared wheel arches, wider tires, and V12 badge on the rear.

During its five year production run, 15,287 Series Three XKEs were produced.

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