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About the Jaguar XKE

Jaguar XKE

Universally known as one of the best-looking cars of all time, the Jaguar XKE comes from a very special time in Jaguar’s history. Having won LeMans three consecutive times in the late 1950s with the D-Type racecar, and taken the sports car world by storm with the XK120 roadster, Jaguar was widely respected and admired. The XKE was actually based on the D-Type; it used the racecar layout of a body tub attached to a tubular frame, with the engine bolted directly to the framework.

With a fairly long production run, the XKE, or E-Type, saw three iterations, the Series One, Two, and Three. The Series One cars, the earliest examples, are the most valuable variants.

The earliest cars were powered by the 3.8L straight-six from the XK150S. In 1964, displacement was bumped to 4.2L, which provided a slight torque bump. Though throttle response was improved, performance was largely the same. With a 150mph top speed and sub 7-second 0-60 times, the XKE was one of the fastest road-going cars of the era.

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