1983-1986 Lancia Delta HF

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About the 1983-1986 Lancia Delta HF

1983-1986 Lancia Delta HF

The Delta HF was created by the Lancia car company during the years of 1983 to 1986. It was a 5-door hatchback car that was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro’s Italdesign team. During its development it was codenamed “Y5.” It was intended to fill an empty niche in their lineup for an upscale small family car with front wheel drive. It was also sold in Sweden under the Saab name, as the Saab-Lancia 600.

The 4-cylinder engine used in the first Deltas was derived from the Fiat Ritmo. A Weber twin-choke carburettor, a new inlet manifold, exhaust system and ignition were added to increase performance. The HF model was a high performance version. The HF stood for “”High Fidelity” a moniker used on their high performance models since the mid-60s. It used a blow-through twin-choke Weber carburetor and Marelli Microplex ignition with pre-ignition control.

Styling changes from previous models included a bigger chin spoiler, black trim, new unpainted side skirts with small silver “turbo” badges in front of the rear wheels and “HF” badging on the grill. Created to honor the rally victories of the Lancia-Martini Rally 037, HF Martini special additions carried extra treatments. It was painted white with a Martini stripe on the sides below the door handles, and carried Martini-coloured badging.

During its time, the modified racing model won 46 World Rally Championship races and won the Constructors Championship six times. Two of its drivers, Juha Kankkunen (1987 and 1991) and Miki Biasion (1988 and 1989), won Drivers Championship titles.

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