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About the Lotus Europa Twin-cam

The Europa was a sports car built by the British automaker Lotus between 1966 and 1975. It was a lightweight mid-engine sportscar. In 1971 Lotus came out with the Type 74 Europa Twin Cam edition. Design changes and performance enhancements made it the version most sought after by collectors.

The bodyshell was redesigned for the Europa Twin Cam. It gave better rear visibility, correcting an issue that Europa owners had complained about. It had a 1557 cc Lotus-Ford Twin Cam engine, which produced 105 horsepower. It was fitted with emission control Stromberg carburetors, to meet US smog regulations. It was given a stronger transmission, a Type 352 transmission by Renault.

Lotus shipped 1580 of these special Twin Cam cars with the 1557 cc engine. They then changed to a big valve version of the engine that produced 126 horsepower. This new version got the name the “Europa Special.” This version came with an additional option available of a 5-speed manual transmission.

Motor Magazine tested the Europa Special with a driver and a passenger. They hit a top speed of 123 mph or 198 km/h. The 0-60 time was 6.6 seconds, which may have been 6.0 without the passenger.

In September 1972 100 big valve cars were badged and painted to honour the just won Team Lotus’s 1972 F1 World Championship title. They were painted in all black with gold pin stripe matching the team racing cars.

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