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About the Mercedes Benz 280SE

mercedes benz 280se

The 280SE is one of the more affordable Mercedes. The W11 was designed by Frenchman Paul Bracq, head of design for Mercedes-Benz during the ’60s and ’70s. Following his tenure with Mercedes, Bracq went on to design his home country’s high-speed TGV train. Bracq updated the look of the car in 1969, giving it more sex appeal for both the interior, exterior, and the engine. He literally changed the look of Mercedes.

On the exterior, the traditional upright Mercedes grille was squared off and lowered giving it a more sporting appearance. The interior had more leather, more wood veneer, and just overall more appeal to consumers. it had enough room for four passengers (and their luggage) even though it was only a two-door and it handled well for such a heavy machine. It was a car designed to drive reaching speed of up to 140 miles per hour.

While the car was sharp on looks, it was also keen on usability. In place of the typical inline, six-cylinder engine that had long been a Benz stalwart was a new 3.5 liter, V8 that had up to 66 percent more power than the engines it replaced, cutting acceleration times to 60 mph by up to nearly five seconds and increasing top speed by up to 20 mph. In other words, it could accelerate and stop on a dime.

Today, these cars still remain hot commodities by car collectors alike. Their prices remain a little more affordable, reaching up to $115,000 – $130,00 when compared to other models.

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