Mercedes Benz 280SL

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About the Mercedes Benz 280SL

Mercedes Benz 280SL

Mercedes-Benz introduced the 280 SL in 1967, and produced it through 1971. The 280 SL replaced the older 250 SL model of Mercedes’ W 113 two-seater, and completed this car’s long transition from sporty roadster to comfortable grand tourer. The 1967 280 SL offers the best of both worlds.

Available as either a 2-door coupe or convertible, the 280 SL offered an improved engine over the previous 250 SL model, featuring a larger engine with more torque.

Mercedes offered several different options for drivers, such as automatic vs 4- or 5-speed manual transmission. Air conditioning was included in most models sold in the US, although this feature was less common for those sold in Europe. In total, just over 7,000 280 SLs were produced by Mercedes in 1969, with half arriving in American dealerships.

The 280 SL features Mercedes’ famous Pagoda roof, named for its concave design, which allow for larger side windows and more headroom for both driver and passenger.

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