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About the Mercedes Benz 500

Mercedes Benz 500

In February of 1931, a very special and larger variant of the Nurburg 460 was built known as the Typ Nurburg 500. This was a simple variation of the already existing Typ Nurburg 460 but in it was an enlarged engine designed with more power, easier maneuverability, and had the same luxurious body as the 460 model. These cars were both available until February, 1934, when production of the Nurburg 460 ended and the Nurburg 500 model was renamed to just 500. This was just a few short years after the start of the Great Depression and although this car was aimed at affluent clientele, many would argue it was not the ideal time to release a new model.

One month after the renaming of the vehicle, Mercedes released a “supercharged 500” (known today as the 500k), which created a lot of confusion amongst consumers. There very little technical differences between the two models in build and body, but were offered just the same. This model went through several different changes over the course of just 8 years, although throughout its entire lifespan was available as a Pullman limousine and as an open-topped touring car.

The 500 series brought a of firsts and lasts. During it’s lifespan between 1931 to 1939, a total of 931 vehicles were made of the Nurburg 500 and 500 N. In October of 1939, the last seven examples of the 500 rolled off the production line and marked a significant watershed in more than one way. It was the end of the longest production period for any passenger car series built at Daimler-Benz during the pre-war years and brought an end to the historic production of passenger cars at Daimler-Benz’s Mannheim plant. In addition, the 500 N was also the last Mercedes-Benz passenger car to be equipped with a rigid axle, and the last passenger car worldwide to be supplied with wooden-spoked wheels.

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