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The Chicago Car Club is interested in classic cars of all makes and models, especially a Mercury Montego. We make the process of selling your Mercury Montego quick and painless. In just a matter of hours we will have your classic valued and, if you do so choose, turned into money in your pocket. All it takes is a phone call or electronic inquiry to get the ball rolling.

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About the Mercury Montego

Mercury model Montego was produced by the American automaker Ford, between the years of 1968 to 1976 and then again for a short time between 2005 and 2007. The first generation cars, from 1968 to 1971, are the ones most sought after by collectors.

These 1st generation cars belonged to mid-size luxury or “E” executive car class. The car was offered with 4-door sedan, station wagon, convertible, hardtop coupe body shapes between the years 1968 and 1969.

In their construction, they were related to the Mercury Comet, the Mercury Cyclone 3rd generation, the Ford Torino and the 6th generation Ford Fairlane. What made them unique were the range of engines offered. They ranged from 3273-6997 cc or 199.7-427 cubic inches. These delivered from 86-290.5 kW (117-395 PS, 115-390 hp) of power.

Submodels included a 2-Door Hardtop, 4-Door Sedan, MX 2-Door Hardtop, MX 4-Door Sedan, MX Convertible, and the MX Wagon. The Montego was considered the high trim package of the Mercury Comet. The MX edition featured a woodgrain interior.

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