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The Chicago Car Club is interested in classic cars of all makes and models, especially a MG PA. We make the process of selling your MG PA quick and painless. In just a matter of hours we will have your classic valued and, if you do so choose, turned into money in your pocket. All it takes is a phone call or electronic inquiry to get the ball rolling.

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About the MG PA

In March 1934, Morris Garages launched the MG-PA as a replacement model for the MG-J2. It derived elements from both MG’s M and J series. MG made sure to make the PA big and better than previous models with over 100 new improvements.

The entire MG P series used a 847 cc engine. It generated 36 bhp at 5,500 rpm, and reached its highest speed at 70 mph. The transmission improvements made it tough enough to withstand accelerated engine power. The MG-PA had a newly modeled duty clutch that was designed to combat tough starts and stops on hill climbs. The 12-inch brake replaced the 8-inch one. The MG-PA brake changes made it more functional and responsive. The vehicle also had center locking wire wheels.

MG used aluminum paint on the MG-PA’s wheels to match them with the car’s interior. The early models only featured two-seaters. Eventually, MG offered the PA in three styles: two seater roadster, a four seater, and the Airline coupe. Airline coupe models were expensive to produce. Therefore, MG could only release a limited number of them. During its 1934-1936 run, only about 2,000 MG-PA units were developed.

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