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About the MG TC


After World War II, Morris Garages released the MG-TC. It was the third model in their T-series, preceded only by the TA and TB. Soon after its development, the MG-TC became MG’s first American export vehicle.

During the war, an increased exposure to MG cars lead to Americans developing an interest in the MG-TC. This helped MG decide to export to the American market. Due to scarce raw material, the government prioritized companies that focused on exporting goods. This lead to Britain’s “export or die” policy, which also contributed to MG’s new interest in the North American car industry.

The MG-TC only had a few design differences from the TB/TA. It contained the same 1250 cc pushrod engine. The MG-TC transmission had a single-plate dry clutch and a four speed synchromesh. It used a 9-inch hydraulic wheel, and had centre locking wire wheels.

The MG-TC’s body choices consisted of one option: a two-seater with a folding windshield, rear wings, and cutaway doors. The sports car reached its peak in 1948 with 3,085 units being produced that year. Over the course of the four production years (1945 to 1949), there were over 10,000 units of MG-TC produced.

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