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About the MG TF


The MG TF Midget was introduced between 1953-1955 as an improvement of the TD. It falls under the MG T-type models and is the last in this category. It was introduced in the year 1953 to give a face lift to the previous TD. All in all, it’s important to note that the car is just the same as the TD in terms of chassis, brakes, steering, transmission, engine and suspension. What makes the most difference is the body work.

You can however not mistake the TF from the old-fashioned MG style. The most observable change is that of the front end. This is where the radiator grille was lowered and raked so as to provide a lower hood line. Rather than the headlights being separately mounted, the front wings of the car were shaped so as to fair the headlights into them. There was no much difference in the rear end though a valance was introduced so as to fill the gap between the bottom of the fuel tank and the bumper.

When it came to performance, there was no difference with the previous TD and the clients were very much aware of this. The only difference was the body style and the MG company was looking to lie to the public. The sales of the car were very few and this model was seen as a flop. The short-term remedy to this was to increase the engine capacity to 1400cc in an effort to increase the torque and the power of the car. Despite these improvements, the TF was put to rest only after 18 months in its production paving way for a much more modern type.

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