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About the Mini Cooper Moke

The Mini Cooper Moke was produced between 1964–1993 by the British automaker the British Motor Corporation. Its design was a collaboration between designers Sir Alec Issigonis and John Sheppard. They were built in Leyland, Australia; British Leyland, Portugal; Vendas Novas, Portugal; Setúbal, Portugal; Longbridge plant, Birmingham, England; Zetland, New South Wales, Australia; Umtali, Rhodesia; and South Africa.

The Mini Moke was also marketed as the Austin Mini Moke, Morris Mini Moke, the Leyland Moke in Australia, and the BMC Mini Moke, which was a military version.

The Moke got its origins in an attempt by BMC to get a military contract for a jeep-like vehicle which could be stored on ships or dropped by plane into a battle zone. The resulting design had too low of ground clearance to be of much use in the military, so was marketed towards the general public. It has gotten a cult-like following, especially in Australia, where they are commonly used and modified into dune buggies. 26,000 were built and sold in Australia alone.

Body styles available were a 4 seat convertible or a 2-seat pickup truck. They used an FF layout. Powertrain choices were a 850 cc A-series I4, 998 cc I4, 1098 cc I4, or a 1275 cc I4. They all came with a 4-speed manual transmission. They were a small vehicle, with a wheelbase of 2,020 mm (79.5 in), Length 3,050 mm (120.1 in), and a curb weight of only 406 kg (896 lb). Later models weighed 578 kg (1275 lb).

These cars were sporty and fun to drive. They are a good candidate for restoration or restomod projects.

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